Workstation caprica

Install Ubuntu from bootable USB stick

  1. Download Ubuntu from the Ubuntu website.

  2. Create a bootable USB stick from the downloaded iso image with a tool like Etcher or the Startup Disk Creator (shipped with Ubuntu).

  3. Install machine from stick (the setup wizard takes care of the hostname, network settings, ssh, …​)

    1. When prompted for a user and password, use the same information as in kobol.

    2. Remember to install and activate the OpenSSH server when the wizard prompts for this!

    3. Do not install any futher software packages. Installations take place later on when provisioning the system using Ansible.

    4. Set dark mode, dock config, etc.

  4. Test connecting to caprica via ssh (with sebastian being the user created while installing the OS).

  5. Install machine using the ansible configs from this repo.

  6. Allow caprica to work with github. Use public key, NOT the pivate key!

Risks and Technical Debts

Scale for Probability and Impact: Low, Medium and High

# Title Description Probability Impact Response