Workstation kobol

Setup, configuration and documentation for my local Ubuntu workstation following an infrastructure as code approach.


Download and install a fresh Ubuntu from an iso image:

  1. Download iso image from

  2. Create bootable USB stick using the application "Startup Disk Creator" (shipped with Ubuntu) or some other software like Etcher

  3. Install the OS on the machine

Once the basic OS is installed, perform the following steps on your machine:

  1. Choose NVIDIA graphics driver from "Additional Drivers"

  2. Enable Dark Mode

  3. Setup monitors, Dock position, icon size, add favourite applications to Dock

  4. Login to Firefox Sync

  5. Adjust wokspaces behavior in Settings > Multitasking (Workspaces on all displays)

  6. Setup Deja Dup Backup folder to "/media/sebastian/USB-1TB/.kobol-backups/deja-dup

  7. Run setup from the configs repository by

    1. Run basic setup tasks using curl | bash -

    2. Setup openssh-server using curl | bash -

    3. Run src/main/kobol/ → Basic configuration

    4. Apply all other configs using the ansible playbook

  8. Add ~/work, ~/tmp and ~/virtualmachines to favorites (in File Manager)

  9. Update file associations in Settings > Applications > Sublime Text

  10. Clone repositories

  11. Import existing Virtualbox VMs from USB drives

Steam Setup for Windows Games on Linux

  1. Install Steam

  2. Enable the Steam Beta Client: Go to Steam → Settings and (in the account tab) click change in the Steam Beta Update and click on Steam Beta Update

  3. Enable Steam Play for all games: Go to Settings → Steam Play Tab and click "Enable Steam Play for all titles"

  4. Install the respective games

Risks and Technical Debts

Scale for Probability and Impact: Low, Medium and High

# Title Description Probability Impact Response