Jarvis CLI

Bash utility to assist with day to day tasks just like J.A.R.V.I.S. does for Iron Man.

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About this project

This project assists with daily bash command and helps reducing time and overhead by automating some simple tasks like initializing a new Antora module.

Jarvis uses a modular achitecture to add new featues.

How to use this project

To install this project you can simply use the bootstrap script curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sebastian-sommerfeld-io/jarvis/main/src/main/install.sh | bash -.

To use this project, just use the jarvis command from your bash.

Keep in mind that this project was developed for Ubuntu.

Risks and Technical Debts

Scale for Probability and Impact: Low, Medium and High

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Feel free to contact me via sebastian@sommerfeld.io or visit my website https://www.sommerfeld.io.