Jira CLI

19+1 project to learn about Go and TDD plus start automating some jira-tasks through a CLI.

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About this project

Jira CLI is a command line interface to automate tasks otherwise done through the Jira web interface. The project encapsulates the Jira Rest API through a command line and provides simple ways to automate (or at least dramatically speed up) recurring tasks.

To develop and run the application you need a Linux environment with Docker installed. A local Go installation is not needed because everything related to go is delegated to a Docker container. Development takes place on Ubuntu.

How to use this project

To use this app and execute some commands against a Jira instance run this command:

docker run --rm --network=host sommerfeldio/jiracli:latest

# Example commands which do more than just display help-texts
docker run --rm --network=host sommerfeldio/jiracli:latest license view --baseUrl="http://localhost:8080" --user="<THE_USERNAME>" --pass="<THE_PASSWORD>"

In case you want to access a Jira instance that is not running on your local machine, you need to update the --baseUrl. Plus you can probably omit the --network=host flag.

Local IDE Setup

For information on how to set up your local development environment, see IDE Setup on www.sommerfeld.io.

Risks and Technical Debts

Scale for Probability and Impact: Low, Medium and High

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Feel free to contact me via sebastian@sommerfeld.io or visit my website https://www.sommerfeld.io.